What is YourTVAds.com?

We are a digital signage company displaying advertisements, coupons, offers, and announcements of local businesses online, and on televisions in crowded locations such as restaurants, bars, medical facilities and more. Our mission is to offer you your life at a lower price.

How it works?

We have dedicated televisions all over town that display advertisements of great local businesses. These businesses want you to look at the message on the tv and see their business. So they create discounts, offers, and announcements on the TVs. When you see a discount or offer, go to yourtvads.com and grab it. We email you a complete list of all coupons, offers, and announcements to keep on your mobile device to use when you are out and about. When you are ready to get the discount, simply go to site or your email, click redeem and show it to the business.

How will I receive discounts?

  • TV Ads TVs throughout town show discounts for area businesses
  • Online Discounts Use the Search Bar to find discounts for specific businesses or business types
  • Mobile Discounts Redeem discounts directly from a smartphone
  • E-mail Discounts Coupons and offers emailed to subscribers every 15 days
  • Download App Coming Soon!
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